Movies For Lockdown: Enepalimovie Recommends THESE Films To Make You Stay In & Stay Safe

Since the whole country is on lockdown, many of you might have lost your patience not knowing what to do. 

There are plenty of options to do and watching movies could be one of the best time-pass for everyone. But knowing which movie to watch and make the time worthy could be another challenge.

Hence, enepalimovie brings you these handpicked movies to watch during this period. This is for you to stay in and stay safe and enjoy family time at home.

A selection of movies for all Nepali movie fans across generations.

1.Kusume Rumal

Kusume Rumal is a 1985 Nepali romantic film directed by Tulsi Ghimire. It was produced by Sumitra Paudel under the banner of Sayapatri Films. This was the first film in which singer Udit Narayan acted. 

The film depicts the difference between rich and poor people and considered one of the successful Nepali movies ever. 

The movie is available on YouTube.

2. Prem Pinda

Prem Pinda is a breakthrough, first historic 1995 Nepali film. Directed by Yadav Kharel & produced by Neer Shah, it stars Neer Bikram Shah, Saroj Khanal, Sunny Rauniyar & Melina Manandhar in lead roles. 

Prem Pinda is an adaptation of the popular play by Balkrishna Sama. The movie is also famous for its iconic song ‘Gairi Khet Ko Sirai Halyo’.

The movie is available on YouTube.


Balidan (1997) is a story of people’s democratic fight against the Panchayat System that prevailed in Nepal. Directed by Tulsi Ghimire, Balidan is the greatest movie ever made in the Nepalese film industry.

The plot is very good and the screenplay and dialogues are so much heart touching that you may not be able to hold your tears. This a tribute to those martyrs who gave up their lives fighting for the freedom and those who disabled their bodies. If you are a Nepali, then you must watch this movie.


Basanti is a 2000 Nepali romantic film directed by Neer Shah. The cast includes Karishma Manandhar, Rajesh Hamal, Gauri Malla, and Ashok Sharma. 

This movie is based on a novel of the same name written by the novelists Diamond Shumsher Rana. Rana has fictionalized a love story on a historical plot.

The movie is available on YouTube.

5.Ta Ta Sharahi Bigrish Ni Badri

Ta Ta Sharahi Bigrish Ni Badri is a 1998 Nepali comedy film which tells the story of Badri.

Badri who gets into a horrible family situation by marrying a 2nd wife stars Hari Bansha Acharya, Bipana Thapa & Sushmita KC in lead roles. The movie directed by Dayaram Dahal is one must watch comic Nepali movie of all time.

The movie is available on YouTube.


Kagbeni is a 2008 Nepali movie, loosely based on W. W. Jacobs’s 1902 horror short story The Monkey’s Paw. Kagbeni is the directorial debut of Bhusan Dahal. The name of the movie is taken from a tourist place Kagbeni situated in the valley of the Kali Gandaki. 

The movie stars Saugat Malla, Diya Maskey and Nima Rumba in lead roles.

The movie is available on YouTube.

7.Sano Sansar

Sano Sansar is a 2008 Nepali romantic comedy film directed by Alok Nembang. The movie stars Neer Shah and newcomers Mahesh Shakya (Karma), Namrata Shrestha & Vinay Shrestha in lead roles. 

Sano Sansar is director Alok Nembang’s directorial debut and is the second Nepali HD movie made after Kagbeni. It is one of the most loved Nepali movies ever.

The movie is available on YouTube.


Jhola is a 2014 Nepali film based on a story by writer Krishna Dharabasi. It is about Sati culture that was prevalent in the Nepalese society until the 1920s in which wife had to immolate herself upon her husband’s death, typically on his funeral pyre.

The movie is available on YouTube.


Safar is a 2016 Nepali film, directed by Ashish Shrestha. It was written by Keshav Khadka and features Sanjay Gupta, Eric Hanson, Shibir Pokharel, Manan Sapkota & Nurja Shrestha.

The movie is all about friendship, emotions, and the journey of life. I personally feel it is one of the most underrated Nepali movies ever. So I highly recommend watching this movie to everyone.

The movie is available on YouTube.

10.Jatra and Jatrai Jatra

Jatra (2016) and it’s sequel Jatrai Jatra (2019) are Nepali Comedy films directed by Pradeep Bhattarai. The first part stars Bipin Karki, Ravindra Singh Baniya, Rabindra Jha and Barsha Raut in pivotal roles. Whereas, the second installment had an additional cast of Dayahang Rai and Rajaram Poudel in the lead role.

The story revolves around the twist and turns of the lead actors after they found a sack of money and gold biscuits. The first part is available on YouTube and the second part of the movie is available on Iflix.


Prasad is a social drama movie directed by Dinesh Raut & produced by Shuvash Thapa. The film stars Bipin Karki, Namrata Shrestha and Nischal Basnet in the lead roles.

Prasad is a emotional journey of Bipin Karki and Namrata Karki.

The movie is available on Iflix.

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12.Kabaddi Series

Kabaddi movie series is one of the most successful movie series of all time. All 3 installments of the movies have been loved by audiences.

Dayahang Rai, Rishma Gurung, Bijaya Baral, and Buddhi Tamang were featured in all 3 installments. Whereas, Nischal Basnet, Saugat Malla, Karma, Upasana Singh Thakuri and Wilson Bikram Rai starred in each installment of the movie. 

The movie series is highly recommended for every Nepali movie lover. The first and second parts of the movies are available on YouTube and the 3rd part is available on Iflix.

13.Loot Series

Loot (2012) and Loot 2 (2017) are Nepali crime thriller film that was directed and written by Nischal Basnet. The series stars Saugat Malla, Dayahang Rai, Karma Shakya, Prateek Raj Neupane, Sushil Raj Pandey, Reecha Sharma, Bipin Karki, and Srijana Subba.

Loot series is probably one of the most successful crime thriller movies of Nepal and hence fall into a must-watch category.

Both the installment of the movies are available on YouTube.

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