Prasad Movie Review Rating: 4/5 (Four Stars)

What’s Good: Everything!! Starting from the script to the direction and the performances of the actors, Prasad is a treat to watch.

What’s Bad: I was so much indulged in the movie that I didn’t care to find any flaws.

Watch or Not: Don’t think twice. Just go and enjoy the movie.

Prasad is a story of a couple, Narayani (Namrata Shrestha) and Baburam Pariyar (Bipin Karki) who have to leave their village because of inter-caste marriage. They shift to town and there enters Ramesh (Nischal Basnet) who happens to be Baburam’s childhood friend. Ramesh plays a negative character in the movie who is trying to manipulate Narayani against a poor economic condition of Baburam for his interest over Narayani.

Even after 2 years of marriage, Baburam and Narayani are not able to conceive a child. Later after a checkup, Baburam realized it is all because of his problem. Then the story unfolds what steps Baburam takes for a child, how Ramesh become a villain in their life and the journey Narayani has to suffer between all these.

Prasad Movie Review: Script Analysis

A good script is a USP for any movie to be successful. And the script of Prasad written by Sushil Poudel completely works as a USP for the movie. It is fresh, well written and every angle of the story is perfectly taken care of. Nothing in the story seems to be half-baked.

The story is simple, yet every character is nicely thought and written so that every character has significant importance on itself.

Even the dialogues are nice. That one dialogue, “saharma fateko maan lai naya luga le chopera hidchan” strikes really well.

Prasad Movie Review: Star Performance

Bipin Karki as Baburam Pariyar portrays a simple person who is honest, loves his wife and is focused on his work. He is simply representing every middle-class husband. His performance in Prasad is one of the best performance of the year. Starting from the accent to the body language he has truly got into the character of Baburam. His expressions to dialogue delivery, everything is on point. 

Namrata has done some amazing work in the movie. The character of Narayani is different from other characters she has done before. Yet, she has justified her role with ease. The character of Narayani has so many shades in the movie, but Namrata has excelled in every scene. She looks fabulous even in the de-glam avatar. Even her chemistry with Bipin is another highlight of the movie.

Nischal Basnet has a grey character in the movie. When the actor playing grey character makes the audience to hate him in the movie, then you can tell the actor has done his job with ease. Likewise, the character of Ramesh makes you hate him so Nischal is successful in his work. He is one gem to Nepali movie industry.

Prasad Movie Review: Direction and Music

Dinesh Raut already has some successful movie under his name but Prasad is the one movie that will top the list. His storytelling is very much engaging. Raut’s direction has added soul to the script of Sushil Poudel. Dinesh has given us Prasad as a package of entertainment and message.

The songs Lai Lai plays at background time and again and is already a hit song of the year. Banki Chari song is also good.

Prasad Movie Review: The Last Word

Generally movies either have social messages or entertainment value. But Prasad is one kind that has both blended so well. This is actually the kind of movie which should not be missed by anyone. Go watch Prasad, it has so many things to offer you.

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